Speech with Mr. Zhou Xiaofeng, Chairman of the 2019 Annual Meeting of Taiweirun

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Distinguished guests and family members of Tongtaiweirun:

Happy New Year to you all! At the beginning of one dollar, everything is renewed!

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, I would like to express my lofty thanks to the distinguished guests who have shown concern, support and assistance to Tween. I would like to extend my sincere New Year greetings and lofty respect to all of you who have worked hard, worked hard and dedicated selflessly in the past year.

Enchanting Spring Festival is spent in joy, happiness and celebration! Today, we are beginning to enter a new career of tension and challenge. Here I sincerely wish you all the distinguished guests and dear colleagues a successful career in the new year and a happy family! ___________

2018 is an extraordinary and worth summarizing year for our enterprises. It is a year for our enterprises to consolidate the management foundation, carry forward the enterprise culture and sing the values of win-win, sharing and common prosperity.

In 2018, we smoothly completed the business targets set at the beginning of the year.  To sum up, our company has made the following five major achievements in this year:

The first major achievement, the company's platform construction and brand building, but also made gratifying progress. The projects of Zaozhuang Municipal Engineering Technology Center, Zaozhuang Science and Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, Zaozhuang Engineering Laboratory, Zaozhuang Independent Innovation and Achievement Conversion have been successfully approved. The company has also been rated by the municipal government as an "innovative and high-growth enterprise at the municipal level". The declaration of well-known trademarks is progressing in an orderly manner with the assistance of the industrial and commercial departments at the regional and municipal levels. Madrid's international trademark registration has also entered the stage of applying for the certificate of the target country.

The second major achievement is to pass on the bulletin of scientific and technological innovation. This year, the company applied for 10 patents, and obtained 1 national invention patent and 4 utility model patents. In this way, our independent intellectual property rights have reached 15 items. The quantity and quality of our independent intellectual property rights are in the forefront of all enterprises in Shanting District. "Research on Continuous Production Technology of Calcium Propionate" led by Li Pingshun, a Singaporean expert in food additives, was selected by Zaozhuang City as "Zaozhuang City Talent Agglomeration Project". In December 2018, the application of calcium propionate in soil improvement led by Ma Ruiqiang, a flexible national ten thousand plan expert, was successfully selected by Zaozhuang Science and Technology Bureau to participate in the "Zaozhuang City Talent Agglomeration Project". In addition, the "calcium propionate dust-free granulation and automatic packaging technology transformation project" was appraised by Shandong Economic and Credit Commission as "the key guiding project of Shandong Province in 2018", and "Sodium benzoate drum drying technology research" was successfully selected as "the fourth batch of innovative projects of Shandong Province in 2018" by Shandong Economic and Credit Commission. The smooth transformation of Tongtai Weirun from a small enterprise to a national high-tech enterprise has laid a more solid foundation for the company's future development.

Third, the company decided to invest 6.300 million yuan in developing and producing functional compound feed additives with the function of replacing antibiotics. In cooperation with Professor Li Pingshun, a well-known expert in food additives research and development in Singapore, the company established Shandong Zhongxin Animal Nutrition Co., Ltd. At present, the project has successfully completed the project filing and environmental impact assessment, and the installation of equipment is progressing smoothly as planned.

Fourth, the construction of corporate culture has achieved a phased victory. The "90" management system introduced by the company makes all employees understand that only "doing things with conscience" can "achieve a happy life"; conscience, filial piety, diligence, thrift, innovation - has become popular in the company. At the same time, the company's "four modernizations" construction has basically achieved a specific landing.

"Let the excellent people not suffer losses" - is our company's main purpose of introducing the "points system", it allows employees to "moral quality, good people, good deeds, job performance" and other aspects, has a quantifiable basis.

"90 management system" and "integral system management" as two magic weapons of corporate governance, have landed in the company, and will continue to deepen.

Fifth, the team building of enterprises is becoming more and more perfect.

In recent years, the company is hungry for talents. Today, most of the members of the team with Tyvern are from the grass-roots level of the company step by step. They are more pragmatic, more powerful, more willing to study hard, more willing to make themselves proud of their parents through their own efforts, and become children's role models. They are strict and self-disciplined, aggressive, and now have 18 cadres in all departments. The average age of cadres is 38 years. We are a vigorous and powerful team. We are the eighteen Arhats who lead and protect the smooth progress of Tai Weirun.

These five achievements are mainly attributed to the hard work and hard work of every employee, the concern and full support of leaders and friends at all levels, and the silent dedication and selfless help of colleagues, family members and relatives. Let me once again express my heartfelt thanks to all my colleagues, friends and relatives. Thank you for joining us in the battle and accompanying us through the years.

2019 is the key year for our enterprises to be full of opportunities and challenges. It is also the beginning year for us to make great achievements after eight years of baptism. In the new year, our enterprises should continue to do a good job of "landing in ninety" and "integral system management", further improve the mechanisms and achieve efficient operation of the company as soon as possible, and do a good job of the 10,000 tons calcium propionate production line in workshop 3 as soon as possible. Later supporting construction work, strive to achieve full production as soon as possible; as soon as possible to complete the "Shandong Zhongxin Animal Nutrition Co., Ltd." project construction; actively strive for government support, as soon as possible to complete the company's plant, office building confirmation work, and strive to complete the stock reform and listed on the new third board by December 31, 2019. While completing the listing of the new third board in 2019, the annual output of additives strives to break through 15,000 tons, annual sales strive to break through 200 million yuan, and strive to achieve profits of 10 million yuan.

All my colleagues and family members are working hard to create great achievements and strive to create brilliance. It is a long way to go with Taverun's ambitious goal to climb high and overlook the distance. The great cause of creating social value with down-to-earth footing is vigorous. After 8 years of development, development and growth, we will continue to work together. Today, we have more abundant market experience, more scientific management system and more mature operation ability. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all Tai Weirun people, the brand-new 2019 will be a year of hope full of glory and dreams with Tai Weirun people. Let's work together and forge ahead bravely to create a better tomorrow with Tai Weirun.

Let's join hands with Tai Weirun's family, guided by the corporate culture of "working with conscience to achieve a happy life" and "letting excellent people not suffer losses". Keep in mind the great mission of "making food safety, nutrition and freshness all over the world", and closely revolve around the development concept of "creating world famous brands and world-class products". Let's hold high the national high-tech enterprises. Face bright banner, work with one heart and one mind, and strive for success! Write another magnificent new chapter for our brilliant life! ____________

Let's wish the family of Tyverun happiness and well-being forever! Let's wish our career endless future! Let's wish our life happy and auspicious together! Let's wish our friendship forever!

Finally, I wish you all good health, family happiness, smooth work and success in the coming year.

Thank you!

Xiao Feng Zhou


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